Artwork with Tamassee Salem Elementary

I was so fortunate to be invited to work with the 1st, 2nd and 4K classes at Tamassee Salem Elementary. The 1st and 2nd graders made lunch room collages. If you look carefully you will see a blue cougar paw in each painting. 


The 4K class brought their energy and imagination to the canvas as a Cougar reading a book. 

I am so very proud of all the hard work. Thank you Mrs. Beardon for inviting me into such a great school

Clemson Art Center/Passport for the Arts/Full Moon Artists

A moment of gratitude, sometimes in life things comes together so easily it is even easier to take them for granted. Our partnership with the fellow artists Warren Carpenter, Chris Tory, Mike & Cindy Hart is on such thing.  Never has such a small group worked so well together, with such effectiveness and zero drama. This was really highlighted recently with the amazing show that just came down at the Clemson Arts Center. 

Artwork done with Northside Elementary - Seneca, SC

Lunch at Northside Elementary - Seneca, SC

Lunch at Northside Elementary - Seneca, SC

Recently I was invited to work with the talented 2nd graders of North Side Elementary in Seneca, SC. Along with their beautiful and gracious art teacher Mandi Nelson they created this amazing set of collages that will be hanging in their cafeteria for many years to come. I am so grateful for their hard work, vision and patience as it took all of us to make more than 12 feet of art in four days.



Highlands Art Opportunities

Recently the town of Highlands has voted to only allow a very narrow group to host art shows. This is the "letter" I sent to the editor of the Highlander. 

I am compelled to write because Highland’s art community is at risk.  I have been coming to our home on Mirror Lake since the 1980’s. Wondering thru Ann Jacob’s gallery inspired me to explore color and my own unique view of the world.  Attending the Art League shows inspired me to try my own hand at art. It was at the 2005 summer Highlands Art League Color Show that I first displayed my painted canvas collages to the public.  A few months later, Ann Jacob discovered my art and offered to show it in her gallery on Main Street.


I am disheartened about the recent negative tone that the city has taken with artists. Unfortunately the Highlands Art League changed its name and moved the summer colors show to Sapphire Valley. The city has waged a campaign against small, independent art shows and has squeezed out other shows with narrow sign restrictions. This is so frustrating. Other cities spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to establish art shows that are half as interesting as what was being provided free to the city of Highlands. Hopefully the Highlands that inspired and nurtured my art career will find ways to support more and different art ventures in the future.  In order to have amazing shows, amazing artists, and amazing experiences for the public, we need to provide opportunity for new art to emerge.


Robin Anne Cooper

Pottery Friends

Recently our friend Rob Gentry sent out this email.

"Hello everyone,   It has been an exciting year here at Rob Gentry Pottery. with a couple of very large projects finished, and others that will (Hopefully) be finished shortly.  Because of all the commission work this year, I was unable to work a major kiln opening for the Holiday Season.  However I do have some very nice pieces, it you are looking for something special.  "

and it reminded us that there are lots of us out there who are happy to have you come and browse. So here is a list of a few "local" ones that we know.

Rob Gentry

Mike & Cindy Hart

Warren Carpenter

Chris Tory

Holiday Studio Tour Dec 5 & 6

We have been crazy busy here at the End of the Road getting ready and so have our guest artists. We are so excited to have for the first time Bailey Jack, Mavis Stevens, and  Roberta Elrod. We are also thrilled that Lonnie O'Kelley and Doug McAbee are still our friends and have once again shared their talents with us. 

American Craft Week

We are opening the doors at the End of the Road! No need to call ahead of time Oct 2-11 10 am - 7 pm just come in addition to our art we will have art by our fellow Full Moon Artists as well. 

This is our second time celebrating American Craft Week and boy have we scheduled a busy week. With 14 classes, in some many different medias with clay, wood, fiber and collages to name a few. The classes are lead by the Full Moon Artists Warren Carpenter, Chris Tory, Cindy Hart, Stan DuBose and Robin Anne Cooper. New this year Connie Lippert, Katherine Owens, Libby Imbody and Janice Nimmons are joining in the fun, we are so excited that they are lending their talents to the group.

Last year we where honored by the National Craft Week committee receiving the STAR award for "Best Local Artists' Event". So come on out and see what it is all about.

Folk Fest

Well it was another great time at Folk Fest this year in Atlanta. We were excited to see so much great art and even came home with a few new treasures to add to our personal collection. Glad to be back in the studio working on new projects and perfecting the schedule for our craft week classes. 

Artists we loved at Folk Fest 2015

When we go to art shows, we are reminded of how many great artists there are out there. Folk Fest did not disappoint here are a few of our favorites that really stood out.

Anita Edwards

Karen Finncannon

DeBo Groover

Connie Roberts

Carol Roll

Bailey Jack

Doug McAbee

Jeanie Holland

Larry McEntire

Stay tuned to for the schedule of exciting classes being offered Oct 2-11, 2015

Art Camp @ the End of the Road Studios

For the 2nd time there was art camp at the End of the Road Studios. This summer we had artists from ages 5 to 15 working with Stan in the pottery studio and Robin with canvas. The results speak for themselves. We are so  proud of the hard work and attention to detail that each and every camper put into their art.

Wednesdays at the World of Energy

SO it turns out that every Wednesday during the summer the World of Energy(WOE) has fee activities for children ages 6-12. On July 8th Stan was to lead a small group art project. Well, a small group was more than 150 children and it took a small army of wonderful people to make it work. Special thanks to our friend Britton Barrett, and all the wonderful ladies at WOE.

The kids all looked like they were having a great time and everyone got to print with bubbles. Yes, I said bubbles! Turns out paint, water, and soap makes  the coolest transfer technique.  So glad we got to get out in the community and have fun but boy did we need a nap!

Ready, Set, Sale

This week has us getting ready for two different types of things. First is Art. Here. Today. a one day pop-up gallery event. We are joining about 20 other local artists in the gallery space that Greenville Tech has along the River Walk in Greenville, SC. While the show is one day it takes lots and lots of days to get everything ready and set-up. I  hope everyone can come out and see the great diverse talent that exists in Upstate South Carolina. 

The other event is Robin's 45th birthday sale. She is offering 45% all her art for 24 hours. Last time this happened was for her 40th birthday. Getting all the art photographed and placed online is a time consuming task, but necessary so that everyone can see everything on June 22nd. 

Pendleton Art Crawl

Turns out that Pendleton is trying to create a more interesting and art filled image for itself. A group I am in Art. Here. Today. signed up to take part. So late Saturday afternoon we set-up and where there for the 3 hours of the event. There was live music and several festival type food vendors. There was not a crowd. But this allowed me to visit and see some friends who came out.

The best part of the whole thing was getting to go to John Acron's studio on Duke Street in Pendleton. He open the doors and gave personal tours. I loved his space, his large scale pieces and most of all his gracious spirit. 


Class at the Bascom

Memorial Day weekend was spent taking a pottery class at the Bascom in Highlands, NC. My friend Carol Clarkson and I took Dianna Farfan’s class.

Dianna is not just a gifted artist she is truly an amazing spirit listening and learning from her was great. Her work is filled with meaning, detail and her amazing glaze technique.  You can see her work on her website

The class was filled with talented and fun people whose experience levels ranged from beginner to expert. We all made pieces inspired by toys… here are a few that were waiting to receive their underglaze.


We went to Mississippi this weekend to celebrate our niece's graduation from High School and while there my sister took us to Vicksburg. It is a charming town with a good downtown. We came across two galleries.

The first was HC Porter's this gallery was all the amazing work of Ms. Porter a truly unique and inspiring take on silk screen photography and then painting. Her choices of topics, composition and colors are just a small part of what sets her art apart. The pieces we saw were from her series on Jazz musicians and effects of Katrina. 

The other gallery was the Attic this was a true southern folk art gallery with fun, fantastic and fabulous pieces layered on top of each other. Treasures are here to be seen and priced to go home with you. 

The store fronts are all in original interesting buildings. I can't wait to go back and see them all occupied. Nothing is sadder than empty store fronts on a beautiful main street. We also drove through the Vicksburg National Park it was a long wiring drive past some great views, huge ravines and lots of marble monuments to the soldiers that lost their lives in this epic battle. Not being students of military movements or even the civil war the best question asked in our car was how long would it take to weed eat the cemetery of more than 17,000 tombstones.