We went to Mississippi this weekend to celebrate our niece's graduation from High School and while there my sister took us to Vicksburg. It is a charming town with a good downtown. We came across two galleries.

The first was HC Porter's this gallery was all the amazing work of Ms. Porter a truly unique and inspiring take on silk screen photography and then painting. Her choices of topics, composition and colors are just a small part of what sets her art apart. The pieces we saw were from her series on Jazz musicians and effects of Katrina. 

The other gallery was the Attic this was a true southern folk art gallery with fun, fantastic and fabulous pieces layered on top of each other. Treasures are here to be seen and priced to go home with you. 

The store fronts are all in original interesting buildings. I can't wait to go back and see them all occupied. Nothing is sadder than empty store fronts on a beautiful main street. We also drove through the Vicksburg National Park it was a long wiring drive past some great views, huge ravines and lots of marble monuments to the soldiers that lost their lives in this epic battle. Not being students of military movements or even the civil war the best question asked in our car was how long would it take to weed eat the cemetery of more than 17,000 tombstones.