Light Show at the Bascom

So it is a little strange to start a blog about another show or another artist but I am. I recently went to the Bascom in Highlands, NC and there were several shows. The one that totally blew me away was the light paintings by Stephen Knapp. I can't describe the totally unique and amazing show. You just need to see it to believe it.

Now so you know you can trust me, the found-image collage show was unremarkable. There were a couple of interesting pieces but overall nothing to make me tell you to make a special trip for. The weavings in the main lobby were interesting and definitely of quality but they did not inspire me like the light paintings. 

The light painting comes down June 21st and it is something you do NOT want to miss so please go to the Bascom soon. Photos are not allowed so the one above is from Knapp's website