Highlands Art Opportunities

Recently the town of Highlands has voted to only allow a very narrow group to host art shows. This is the "letter" I sent to the editor of the Highlander. 

I am compelled to write because Highland’s art community is at risk.  I have been coming to our home on Mirror Lake since the 1980’s. Wondering thru Ann Jacob’s gallery inspired me to explore color and my own unique view of the world.  Attending the Art League shows inspired me to try my own hand at art. It was at the 2005 summer Highlands Art League Color Show that I first displayed my painted canvas collages to the public.  A few months later, Ann Jacob discovered my art and offered to show it in her gallery on Main Street.


I am disheartened about the recent negative tone that the city has taken with artists. Unfortunately the Highlands Art League changed its name and moved the summer colors show to Sapphire Valley. The city has waged a campaign against small, independent art shows and has squeezed out other shows with narrow sign restrictions. This is so frustrating. Other cities spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to establish art shows that are half as interesting as what was being provided free to the city of Highlands. Hopefully the Highlands that inspired and nurtured my art career will find ways to support more and different art ventures in the future.  In order to have amazing shows, amazing artists, and amazing experiences for the public, we need to provide opportunity for new art to emerge.


Robin Anne Cooper